Personalized service and quality products to care for your vehicle

Top notch detailing involves cleaning, polishing and waxing a car both inside and out. This helps improve the car’s appearance and at the same time also increases its resale value. Best suited for those who want their car to have that brand new feeling again or those looking to sell their car to get the most value from the sale - every corner of your vehicle gets the highest end treatment.

Exterior Detailing

The exterior comprises the car’s paint, chrome trim, wheels, tires and windows. Our very first goal is to remove all the foreign particles through washing. Then comes polishing which consists of using mechanical polishes, by hand, or polishing pads that remove all dirt particles. Now it’s time to give the car’s surface protection in the form of a liquid or paste which acts as a barrier and safeguards the vehicle against any kind of dirt, tar, bugs, etc.

Interior Detailing

For cleaning the interior, we use vacuum, brushes, steam, and liquid. Our time-tested method removes stains and spots from the upholstery and also gives your car’s interior a sparkling shine.

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Detailing Services List

Complete Interior Detailing - $79.95 & up
Bring the interior of your car back to life. Includes: cleaning of dashboard and panels, shampoo of carpet, mats and cloth seats, and cleaning/reconditioning of leather seats. Also includes a full service wash.

Hand Clay, Compound & Wax - $119.95 and up
The clay process removes acid rain, dirt and grime from the paint surface. Then we compound with an advanced product that restores the paint surface. The final step is a coat of Carnauba Wax. Car wash included.

Complete Car Care - $179.95 and up
We start will a full service wash, and then apply clay to the exterior to remove all tar, light scratches, oxidations and tree sap, restoring the luster. Next we revitalize the interior. The interior and truck are vacuumed and cleaned. Upholstery, carpets and mats are shampooed and dressed along with the dashboard and panels. This is perfect for car lease returns!

High Tech Clay Service - $79.96 and up
To get the most shine possible from your car, we first smooth the service by removing all contaminants and then apply Simonize 365 Once-A-Year Car Wax. Full Service Car Wash is included. Please speak with a manager for specifics.

Express Polish - $59.95 and up
Protects clear coat finishes, delivering a deep, durable shine. Includes Full Service Car Wash.

Carpet Express - $34.99 and up
Deep cleans carpets and mats, lifts soil and most stains. Hot cleaning process dries fast & looks great.

Upholstery Cleaning - $34.99 and up
All of the seats are gently but effectively cleaned removing the dirt and other unsightly soils. The car is vacuumed & door panels are wiped down. Wash not included.

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner - $49.99 and up
Seats and panels are first wiped with a cleaner to remove loose dirt and light stains. A conditioner is used to help restore luster and prevent cracks. Wash not included.

Tar or Oil Removal - Call for an estimate
Using special agents, we will safely remove all unsightly road tars and oil from the exterior surface of your car.

Express Detailing

Our top of the line express detail services are the perfect way to get top of the line detailing services while you wait! Choose from Express Wax, Carpet Shampoo or Interior Super Clean, starting at just $44.99!